Electric Strikes / Standard Strikes

118.13: Profix electric strike

Fail locked electric strike, the 118.13 are indicated to install interior doors, this electric strike has a compact design and radius keep. The coil of the 118.13 is multi-voltage between 12 to 24VAC/DC.
Until now, a cut-out was needed in door profiles to accommodate the electric strike swing, now with the combinatation of the adjustment Profix2 and the radius keep, the cut-out of the profile is no required.
With 118.13 the door seal is unaffected. Besides the door being more visually appealing, the seal in the frame is no longer interrupted. The door seal surface thus remains intact.


-E: with mechanical unlocking
-05: with bipolar protective diode
-RR: with monitoring contact

Technical Data

- Break-in resistance: 3.750 N
- Multivoltage 12-24V or24V-48V
- 100% ED
- Compact design
- Keep radial
symmetrical and reversible. DIN left/right as well as horizontal applicable
- FAFIX adjustament
- Max. latch preload in A.C : 200N
- Max. latch preload in C.C.: 50N
- Rated current consumption 12V.AC/DC: 250mA / 280mA
- Rated current consumption 24V.AC/DC: 500mA / 560mA
- Housing material: Die cast zinc
- Latch bolt: brass
- CE Homologation.



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