Electric Strikes / waterproof

118W: Electric strike for outdoor use

Model 118W is a compact universal "fail locked" electric strike for outdoor use. A high-quality surface finish ensures it is optimally protected against corrosion. 
Protection rating IP54 for the electrical components, a connecting cable of 300mm lenght out directly of the electic strike.


-E: with mechanical unlocking
-RR: with monitoring contact

Technical Data

- Break-in resistance: 3.750 N 
- IP 54
- Compact design
- Keep radial
- symmetrical and reversible. DIN left/right as well as horizontal applicable
- FAFIX adjustment
- Max. latch preload in A.C : 220N 
- Max. latch preload in C.C.: 50N 
- Rated current consumption 12V.AC/CC:250mA /280mA 
- Rated current consumption 24V AC/CC:500mA /560mA 
- Housing material: Die cast zinc
- Latch bolt: brass 
- CE Homologation.



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