Escape route / Escape door control terminal

1340-14/15: Escape door control unit

To control electric locking systems in doors along escape routes; certified.
The model 1340-14 is for surface mounted and the model 1340-15 is for flush mounted.

Technical Data

- Power supply: 12 V.C.C ó 24 V.C.C 
- Emergency button lights up; features reusable, nondetachable, shatterproof protective cover
- Integrated door status indicator (green / red / yellow)
signalling unlocked / locked / alarm status
- Emergency button sign (arrow pointing downwards),
- alarm signal and tampering contact;
- Key switch to control door
- With Euro profile half cylinder, including 3 keys
- Adjustable time intervals for temporary release, prealarm, alarm interval
- Monitoring of time door is open during temporary
- Connections: screw terminals



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