Access Control / Interlocking system

5516N: Interlock control board for 2 doors

The 5516N  is a self-contained 2 door interlock. Additional boards can be linked together to configure a multi door interlock with no limit to the number of doors.
There are 2 operating modes, the original Secure Locked Mode where all doors start locked and a request to open the door is made via the ‘Exit’ Terminals. These boards also have the Unlocked Open Mode where all doors start unlocked and when you physically open any door the other doors lock.  If the interlock controller has the Unlocked Open feature both Status lights will light when you power the board. We recommend the Secure option as this cannot be breached however depending on the locking device used it may be possible to open more than one door at the same time using the Unlocked mode.

Technical Data

- 2 Modes :Locked or Unlocked Mode (V2.0 only)
- 2 Door True Interlock Controller
- Dual Voltage 12/24v DC
- 5 Amp Double Pole Relay (1 Pole Powered Output, 1 Pole Volt Free), NO, NC, C
- Firmware control of all logical function.
-  True interlock via processor, impossible for 2 doors to open together.
- 9 on board Engineer LED’s
- Pluggable terminal blocks, for ease of installation
- Dual Alarm output – 1 Amp, Door Forced or Door Left Open
- 0-62 Seconds adjustable Door Open time.
- Remaining lock open time cancelled once door has opened and closed
- 0-45 Seconds adjustable alarm delay
- Individual Door Override inputs, for each door.
- Door status LED output
- All settings adjusted with accurate dip switches
- Fully expandable to infinite numbers of doors, no additional control unit required, simply keep adding 2 door boards.

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